Times are tough in West Virginia. Jobs seem to grow scarcer by the day and families are struggling. Meanwhile, the politicians and lobbyists in Washington DC care more about taking away our guns than addressing the opioid epidemic facing our community.

We need to send a representative to Congress who will fight for our West Virginia Values and support President Trump - and that's exactly why I'm running for Congress. I'm pro-life, pro-jobs, pro-coal, pro-Second Amendment, I strongly support protecting Medicare and Social Security, and I'm running to cut the bull out of politics - That's why I'm the only candidate endorsed by President Trump!

As a small business owner, farmer, and job creator, I've seen first hand how the taxes and regulation from Washington DC hurt West Virginia families and businesses. As a State Delegate, I've protected our Second Amendment rights and fought for good-paying jobs West Virginians deserve. As a wife, mother, and grandmother I've raised my family with our Christian values and worked to help those most in need in our community.

Please, join me in bringing our West Virginia values to Washington. With your help I can go to Congress to lower taxes, help create good paying jobs, end the opioid epidemic, and support President Trump.


Carol Miller

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Carol Miller will Bring Our West Virginia Values to Washington DC


Protecting Coal & Gas

Funding Education & Creating Jobs

Supporting Farmers & Business

Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Defending the 2nd Amendment



Let's send Carol Miller to Congress to join President Trump and fight for West Virginia families!

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